dimanche 30 novembre 2014

52 weeks of pics 2014

this little guy did not want to stay in one place for long, loved to hide in the mistletoe... and sang while I mumbled about my inability at getting a decent shot through the branches... patience is the key

jeudi 27 novembre 2014

dimanche 23 novembre 2014

52 weeks of pics 2014

a spiderweb (the spider is somewhere, hard to see except when moving), morning dew and a little bit of sun... november beauty!

you can try to imagine what the car drivers passing by were thinking seeing me crawling on the wet grassy area between the two side of the road with my camera!

jeudi 20 novembre 2014

memory of an autumn really gone by now

I took that shot well into autumn .. almost an indian summer... but now it is just a memory... autumn is really here and we rarely see the sun shining like that!

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

52 weeks of pics 2014

rainy week-end but no drop picture this time... on my way home I saw a little white 'blob' on the rivlet... thought it was probably a lost ball... then decided to go back to check... just in case... and yeah, it was a heron playing "where's Waldo" with me...

dimanche 9 novembre 2014

52 weeks of pics 2014

automn might not have many insects or flowers but rainy days can make anything shine in the smallest ray of sun...

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

52 weeks of pics 2014

we are in autumn as this physalis/chinese lantern can attest... I love them when they are red, and I find their lacy aftermath also beautiful!