mardi 22 avril 2014

"Republic" by Lindsay Buroker

As you might have seen in my review of the “Emperor’s Edge” series by Lindsay Buroker I am a fan! So when she offered the latest book having some of the characters from this series for a review… I jumped on the opportunity!

As always, I might be a bit harsher by trying to stay impartial... but I really love the series and I certainly enjoyed this book as well.  You can get "Republic" at your favorites ebook store (itunes, amazon to only cite a few)

So, "Republic" is starting a few months after the end “Emperor’s Edge” series and have a lot of the same characters. While the story could be followed independently from the previous serie, I think it is far more enjoyable if you have read all the previous books.

All in all I feel that book is a better ending for the “Emperor’s Edge” series than "Forged in Blood II" was.  While the previous story arc was finished, we could see that some of the characters still had a long (and hard) road in front of them... In Republic, in the middle of all the fighting, and there is a lot of action in that book, we see two (slightly for a third one) of the characters I like the most "grow up". Their evolution, the path they follow is making this a much better end. I like where they end up a lot more than at the end of the previous series. I cannot tell too much about who, but I'm sure people can guess at least one of them! I do not want to spoil the story so no quote... but it is quote worthy (the people that have read "Forged in Blood", know there is a lot going on in that blond head...)

As always with Lindsay Buroker, it is funny! Even though that book was not as funny and light has some of the others (in part because of the growing up some of them need to do), the "enemy" makes for very funny line and comments! here again, no quotes because I do not want to spoil the story... but you will understand if you read!

Another point I like about that book is the addition of new POV characters! It really gives the feel that it is not "the next EE book" but really another story that happened to be same city! (that is not a big spoiler). And, for the people that felt Sespian (yep, he is in the book) was "bookly"... wait and see!  Here I can put a quote! As I was reading the book, I even stopped to share it with my husband (who is now at the 2.5 short story of the same series) “For all the marvels that humanity can grasp, it fails again and again to comprehend the significance of the exponential function.” yep,  this is a quote from Republic! I will not tell you from whom... but be sure it is not Maldynado!

If you read the “Emperor’s Edge” series, this book is a nice way to wrap up a lot of the open questions! and... there is even an opening of more... leaving the possibility of more stories to be told...    wait and see...

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